Saturday, October 25, 2014

Warren Buffett Teaches You How to Invest: The Stock Market for the Average Investor

Simple, easy-to-understand advice from the greatest investor of all-time. In an interview, Buffett explained a stock market strategy for the average investor without advanced financial knowledge:
I would recommend that they put a similar sum then maybe they'd be earning more as they went along. But save something every month and basically put it in an index fund. They are not in a position to make judgments on stocks themselves, they're not in the game any more than I can prescribe medicine or something of the sort. They will get a good result. The American economy has done wonderfully. I mean, if you take the 20th century, the Dow started at 66 and it ended at 11,400. Now think of that. How could anybody get a bad result investing starting at 66 and 11,400? But a lot of people do because they jump in at the wrong time or they think they know this stock versus that stock. But the average person should just consistently buy equities, which to me are by far the most attractive investment choice around and put it in, and if they do that for twenty or thirty years, they'll do very well.

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